by manipoem

With all it’s disappointments, the pain that sometimes travels with it, failure is something I would choose as a traveling companion. I read the question, “What would you attempt if you knew you would not fail?” and I cannot deny that the first urge was to soar the heights with possibilities. Yet, I paused and reflected on my life, on the things that I failed to do at times, failed to understand, failed at in life. To attempt to go without failure would be a kind of murder, to cheat life of it’s dues.

She looked at me.

Accusatory finger pointed.

Would I deny her?

Shame on the one who forgets.

Lest they become void of promise.

Failure, the beauty that dashed me to the ground.

Failure, my twin who twined herself to me.

Her cruelty gave me breath, gave me compassion.

I will not deny her due service.

Prompt was gleaned from Sunday Scribblings